NY Nurse March/April 2016

Years ago, I heard a patient say to a female physician, “You are such a nice nurse!” To which the doctor, clearly perturbed, hissed, “I’m not a nurse, I’m a doctor!”

All New Yorkers had reason to celebrate on April 4 as Governor Cuomo signed into law the country’s strongest and most comprehensive paid-family leave law and a large raise in the state’s minimum wa

There is today a profound attack on public health, as access to comprehensive services for women’s health, including safe abortion care, contraception and cancer screening, are threatened.

It was a record turnout for NYSNA on Lobby Day 2016, a surge of support for safe staffing, with our members leading the way, other unions on hand and supporters cheering us on.

NYSNA nurses from across New York gathered in the Hudson Valley on March 8, International Women’s Day, for the union’s first ever Conference for RN Advocates.

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