Staten Island University Hospital Needs More RNs for Safe Patient Care

Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH), the largest hospital on Staten Island, is refusing to improve safe nurse staffing levels. The 1,100 New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) members at SIUH have one goal: to improve patient care in their community.

SIUH generates millions of dollars in revenue for the Northwell Health System, and SIUH nurses demand that money get reinvested in patient care improvements on Staten Island.

That starts with Northwell ending its practice of sending Staten Island health care dollars off-island and putting patients first. Right now, Northwell continues to value the expansion of its business over safe patient care at SIUH. 

That’s why nurses are standing strong, fighting for a fair contract to make sure patients are protected. Every Staten Islander deserves the care of a nurse when they’re in the hospital.

Nurses serve as the backbone of the community's health, providing critical services to those who need it most. Northwell continues to turn its back on those who provide critical care to patients across Staten Island. 

It’s time for Northwell to respect its nurses and the community, settle a fair contract, and put safe patient care and nurse staffing at the top of its priority list. 

Staten Island patients deserve the best care, and the nurses who provide that care deserve a fair contract. 



Tell Northwell you support a fair contract for SIUH nurses that includes safe staffing!

Call Northwell Chief People Officer Joseph Moscola

Dial (516) 321-6000 and ask to be transferred to Joe Moscola

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