Ebola Preparedness

On Wednesday, November 12, more than one hundred RNs lined the steps of the Federal Building in downtown Manhattan for a candlelight vigil, in a resolute call for nationwide mandates to protect pat

Dr. Craig Spencer left Bellevue Hospital today, Ebola free, and a powerful testament to the dedication and preparation of nurses and all the caregivers in our city’s public hospital system.

The New York State Department of Health and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene have issued orders for Ebola preparedness medical facilities covered under Article 28 of the NYS Health C

The NY Committee for Occupational Safety & Health is sponsoring a forum "Ebola: Educating & Protecting Workers" on Monday, Nov.

The AFL-CIO, the U.S.'s largest labor federation, has called on President Obama and Congress to put in place mandatory protections to safeguard healthcare workers and the public from Ebola.

NYSNA is calling on healthcare institutions across New York to join with us to ensure that every possible measure is taken to protect patients and caregivers from the spread of Ebola virus disease.