Karine Raymond, RN, At International Public Health Conference

An international conference devoted to the issue of "Universal Health for Sustainable Development" is underway in Havana, Cuba, through April 27 and NYSNA Board Member Karine Raymond, RN, is there.  Ms. Raymond  will participate on one of the panel discussions.

The conference is sponsored by national and international organizations and has among its chief purposes to further the debate on the status of global public health.  The agenda contains numerous issues on international public health matters, including  safety and quality of medical care, emerging diseases, efficient and sustainable health systems, international cooperation in health, medical education, universal access and universal health coverage. 

Current public policies, strategies and organization that sustain health activity are under discussion, as well as the evaluation of the processes for the renewal of primary care and its implications for health services.

The event is an outstanding opportunity to reaffirm the need to consider the improvement of the health of the world's population as a determinant of social development.

Check out our video of Karine's experience as well as an overview of the conference here! 

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