NYSNA In Solidarity With Government Employees

NYSNA is proud to stand with our nation’s federal employees who are suffering due to a destructive and dangerous government shutdown.

The impact of the shutdown is widespread, impacting the lives of Americans all across the country. We’ve seen photos of Americans taking to the streets and demanding that our government take action to end this pain caused to working families.

In Indian Country, Native Americans have been left without critical public needs such as healthcare services or public safety. They’ve even been denied road maintenance, which will inhibit their access to food and medicine.

Right here at home, thousands of working New Yorkers are being denied their fair, hard earned wages, from transit workers to employees at our historic sites.

The possibility that this government shutdown could go on for “months or years” is simply unacceptable. It is time to re-open our government and to stop playing games with the lives of workers.

U.S. Rep. Nydia Velazquez rallied with union officials and public advocates last week against the federal government shutdown. Read more here. 

Due to the government shutdown, New York City will stand to lose $500 million a month. Read more here. 

Call your U.S. Senator and urge them to reopen the government today! Take Action here.

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