It’s time for Albany Medical Center to do its part!


AMC Nurses make every patient their number one priority, and it’s time Albany Medical Center does the same.


Albany Medical Center is short staffed, almost daily, potentially jeopardizing patient care. As nurses, our job is to provide quality care to our patients. We stay beyond our shifts, come in on our days off, and do everything we can to continue to provide great care to our communities.


We are demanding the Board of Directors at Albany Medical Center to LISTEN TO THEIR NURSES.

These are excerpts from news coverage of a recent rally held by AMC RNs:

"This is not just about the nurses," said Kathryn Dupuis, a nurse on the maternity ward who's been with Albany Med for 24 years. "This affects the entire community. We want people to be able to go to Albany Med and get the kind of care we would want our families to get, and you can't do that without good staffing." - Times Union


"A sea of red shirts lined the New Scotland Avenue sidewalk outside the 766-bed facility as the New York State Nurses Association continued its call to increase the staff-to-patient ratio at the hospital, arguing patient care is being impacted."WAMC

"Last year Albany Med nurses voted to unionize. They wanted fair wages, a good retirement plan, a better benefits package, and they wanted their voices heard in regards to staffing." - ABC 10

Enough is Enough. If you agree, JOIN OUR FIGHT!




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