NY Nurse Dec. 2015/January 2016

One Christmas, we nurses decided — as we always do — to celebrate the holiday at work: everyone cooking to make it special, as we spent it with our “work families.” There was a patient who was a vi

NYSNA contracts are fought and won in the realm of collective bargaining where preparation is extensive: staff research on the economics of proposals, on facilities and corporate profiles; lawyers

As a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room, I treated hundreds of women, men, and children who fell victim to gun violence.

Over past months, NYSNA members across New York have been stepping up to the union’s Safe Staffing Captains program, an initiative to document the data on nurse-to-patient ratios for contract enfor

A delegation of healthcare workers, including NYSNA nurses and SEIU1199 doctors and social workers, traveled to Cuba in November to study that nation’s health system.

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