NY Recovery Network 2019 Calendar of Missions, Conferences, and Educational Events

We are excited to announce the 2019 New York Recovery Network Calendar of Missions & International Nursing Conferences and Educational Events. Please click HERE to view the calendar. Review the calendar and make note of any missions or other events you would like to participate in, and as always, feel free to share with friends, colleagues, and others who may be interested in our work. Click HERE to complete our volunteer form, and be sure to indicate what mission or other event you are interested in. 

Thank you for your ongoing support! 


 Last month, NYSNA and other allies joined Brazil's Medical Mission in the Amazon and Recife.

 In the Amazon region, our team had an intensive half-day seminar at the Amazon University to learn how to interact with the indigenous and about the Universal Health Care in Brazil as well as the reasons, the residents of south and southeast are well served and the north and northeast neglected.

 For two days the nurses had a unique opportunity to provide medical services to an indigenous tribe, learn about medicinal plants, and how to protect the environment under the indigenous perspective.

They also navigated on the Amazon River during the day and during the night together with the indigenous to learn the different sounds and identify the animals, as well as participate at their ceremonies.

The group was divided into two teams; one side provided health care to the indigenous and another team went to a remote area in the middle of the jungle. The groups switched the next day, so that everyone would have both experiences. 

The Amazon University provided all necessary support, including 20 nursing students as translators. doctors, and nurses from the state association also helped. In total, we had 101 local volunteers, motivated by NYSNA’s team.

From the Amazon, we went to Recife, where we served an underprivileged community that was much in need of medical assistance. At Recife, we had another group of 38 volunteers including doctors, translators, etc.

The sum total of the trip had us serving 1,142 patients. Join us on the next trip, sign up below


To see videos from our latest medical missions, click below. Join your fellow nurses and provide for patients all over the world! 

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