Anne Bové, RN

I am excited to announce that nurses from New York City’s public hospitals and Mayoral agencies have voted 97.4% to ratify our contract with HHC.

It’s a new day for workers in this city. Our new contract will allow us to better support our families and care for our patients.

On behalf of our 37,000 members I am proud to announce NYSNA’s first-ever endorsement in a New York City mayoral race. We could not sit on the sidelines when the lives of so many New York patients are at stake. That’s why NYSNA is endorsing Bill de Blasio for mayor.

If you want a glimpse of how for-profit hospitals respond to crisis, look at Hurricane Katrina.


In New York City’s HHC public hospital system, our mission is simple: We never turn anyone away. We care for every person who comes through our doors. No insurance? We give care. No name or birth date? We fill in the blanks. Everyone needing care gets it. No questions asked. By Anne Bové, RN, President of the NYSNA HHC Executive Council