Bellevue RNs Vote NYSNA

Niskayuna nurses gave the new NYSNA a huge vote of confidence: RNs at Bellevue Woman's Center voted 92-18 to join our union! 
"I am so proud to become a NYSNA member," said Chris McCann, a nursery RN, when she announced the results at a victory party. 
“This election is a great victory for nurses, our patients, and our entire community,” said Christine Walthers, Bellevue RN and a leader of the organizing drive. “We decided to join NYSNA after management started to make changes to how we care for our patients – without consulting us. Nurses and our patients need a voice in healthcare. NYSNA is that voice.”
State Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk, Assembly Member Phil Steck, Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy, and Niskayuna Town Supervisor Joe Landry joined us to celebrate the victory. "This election is a victory for all working women in New York State," Tkaczyk said. Steck said he hoped it was the beginning of a trend. 
Check out media coverage of our victory in the Albany Times Union, the Schenectady Daily Gazette, YNN, and ABC News 10.
Six months ago, NYSNA did not even have a New Organizing Department. At more than half of hospitals upstate, nurses don't have a union. Our Board of Directors created a New Organizer department to fix that. We've hired staff and are devoting resources to  help nurses join our union -- and build our union's power. 
NYSNA Board member Carol Ann Lemon worked with Bellevue RNs since day one to win this victory. Here's what she had to say at the victory party: "NYSNA is on a mission. To stop the people who want to cut care to pad the bottom line. To put patients before profits. And to make sure every New Yorker has access to quality care. Our voice is stronger because of today’s vote!"