RNs to Management: See the Light on Staffing

NewYork-Presbyterian management says it has no problems with staffing. We say: See the light.

On December 18, nurses gathered outside Presby in Washington Heights for a vigil for safe staffing. We held candles, sang carols, and spoke out about the issues we and our patients face.

After eight negotiation sessions attended by more than 100 RNs, many of whom testified about short staffing, and more than 3,000 protests of assignment filed by 17,000 RNs, most regarding staffing issues, the hospital refuses to acknowledge any problems with staffing.

“We gathered here tonight to bring a message to the management at Presbyterian hospital,” said Anthony Ciampa, an RN at Presby and member of the NYSNA Board of Directors. “That message is to respect nurses, the patients that we care for, and the community we serve by providing the staffing we need to provide the care all deserve. Safe Staffing Now!”