We stand with nurses everywhere

All across the country, nurses face many of the same issues: unsafe staffing, administrators who care more about profits than patients, and a disrespect for our profession based on the view that nurses are a healthcare expense, not an asset. 

Faced with these challenges, nurses around the country are also standing together to fight for change. We are advocating for our patients and our profession—facility by facility, in state legislatures and in our nation's capitol. 

This week, 4,500 nurses from five Minnesota hospitals are striking for safe staffing, quality patient care, and their own health against Allina Healthcare, which is refusing to negotiate over safe staffing and insists on huge healthcare givebacks.

In Massachusetts, nurses at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are planning a one-day strike after contract talks stalled. They also face chronic staffing shortages and are being pushed towards an inferior healthcare plan. 

And in California, nurses are preparing to go out on strike as well. 

NYSNA stands in strong solidarity with Minnesota, Massachusetts and California nurses as they fight to do what's right. The health of thousands of patients and nurses are at stake. Read our statements of support to the Minnesota Nurses Association, the Massachusetts Nurses Association, and the California Nurses Association

We stand with nurses everywhere.