Video: Nurses Support Striking AT&T Workers

When 40,000 workers at AT&T announced that they would walk off the job Friday on May 19 if they haven't won a fair union contract, nurses stood at the ready to support them. Remembering what happened when nurses, labor and community activists came together in solidarity to support striking Verizon workers last year, NYSNA pledged to walk the picket line, call and e-mail the AT&T CEO, and do whatever it takes to fight corporate greed and help our CWA sisters and brothers secure good jobs with affordable healthcare.

When NYSNA's Public/Private Patient Advocates Conference came to a close, more than 100 nurses headed straight to a nearby picket line to show our support. Check out this new video on our Facebook page from the strike line. Let’s keep showing AT&T that the workers united will never be defeated!