Massachusetts Needs Our Help!

The nurses of Massachusetts are in the closing days of their campaign to pass a ballot initiative, Question 1, The Patient Safety Act, which will set a safe limit on the number of patients assigned to a nurse at one time in all acute care hospitals, which is very similar to the measure we have been trying to pass here in New York. The hospital industry is spending more than $20 million to defeat this initiative and these nurses need our support if they are going to win at the ballot box on Nov. 6. There are a number of ways for NYSNA members to get involved in this effort.

Here are two: 

  1. Make calls directly from your home. You can use your computer and a phone and make calls directly to Massachusetts votes who would love to hear from a nurse.  
    1. The first link below is to an instructional video that people can watch so they know what to expect.  The second link is the actual phone bank itself.  All people have to do is click this link and it’ll take them right to the login page.  The attached sheet gives anyone without this link the instructions to login if they don’t have the direct link.    

      HubDialer Instructional Video 

      HubDialer Login Link

  2. Capital District nurses get on our bus to Massachusetts on November 1. We are going to be helping the Massachusetts Nurses Association kick off GOTV weekend. Download this flyer to RSVP. 

A victory for our colleagues in Massachusetts will be catalyst for similar victories in other states, including ours. For more information on this initiative visit