Oakland Teachers on Strike

UPDATE: Congratulations to Oakland teachers on their succesful strike efforts! Our teachers have accomplished so much, including:

  • 11% raise, 3% bonus
  • Reduce class size at all schools
  • More SLP, Counselors, Psychologists, RSPs, Newcomer staff for students
  • More competitive pay for nurses
  • Resolution calling for cap on charter schools and authorization reform
  • Resolution calling for 5 month pause on further school closures & prohibition against sneak attack school closures like Roots went through
  • No concessions on work hours or evaluations
  • Sub pay boosted and tied to future wage increases.

This was a historic strike! 



Thousands of teachers, nurses, counselors and their supporters began protesting early Thursday morning for higher pay, smaller class sizes and more support for students. Oakland Education Association President Keith Brown rallied the crowd, calling out "When we strike, we win!" Thursday's strike in Oakland is the first since 2010. The strike follows similar actions across the country this past year from associations who are demanding better working conditions and increased funding for students. NYSNA stands in solidarity with these educators!