NYC H+H/Mayorals nurses get ready to save public hospitals, save NY!

During the COVID-19 surge, NYC H+H/Mayorals nurses saved the lives of tens of thousands of New Yorkers. Now they are mobilizing to save it again by preventing cuts to Medicaid, the State budget and the City budget that would destabilize the healthcare system and put hundreds of thousands of patients at risk.

Mayor Bill de Blasio just announced layoff plans for 22,000 City workers, including nurses in the Mayoral agencies, such as ACS, Fire and Police.

This fall, Governor Cuomo could follow through with $2.5 billion in Medicaid cuts— just when our patients need Medicaid most. In New York, Medicaid enrollment grew to almost 6.3 million in May (a 5% jump) and will continue to grow as unemployed workers lose employer coverage.

New York also faces a $13 billion state budget deficit, and Cuomo is proposing 20% across-the-board cuts in state aid. If this applies to Medicaid, H+H could lose another $810 million a year! Healthcare workers at public hospitals and the low-income communities and communities of color we serve stand to lose the most. H+H nurses could be next to lose their livelihoods. Our patients could lose their lives.

To address the COVID-19 crisis, economic crisis and deepening racial inequality, we need bold solutions.

That's why NYSNA is urging Congress to pass the HEROES Act, which would provide real relief to budget-strapped state and local governments, as well as fund hazard pay and sick leave for frontline healthcare workers.

But this won't be enough. We are also urging Governor Cuomo and the state legislature to ask the super-rich to pay their fair share of taxes. In the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York’s 119 billionaires saw their net worth increase by $77 billion—more than 5 times the amount of New York’s budget shortfall!

NYC H+H nurses are preparing for an August 25 day of action to make their voices heard. Download the flyer and spread the word! 

We encourage NYSNA members across the state to talk to your Rep about organizing an action at your facility to show solidarity and stand up to these devastating healthcare cuts.

To learn more about the budget crisis, check out these presentations from a recent NYC H+H/Mayorals Town Hall Meeting: Tax the Rich Save NY, Superheroes Don't Cut Medicaid during a Pandemic, and HH Financials and Budget Background.