2021 Annual Report: “We Are One”

NYSNA nurses and healthcare professionals have been through so much again this past year. Through it all, you continued to save countless lives, fought for and won contractual and legislative victories, and kept the pressure on management to improve conditions so you could provide better care for your patients. Discover more in the NYSNA Annual Report: 2021 “We Are One”.

Many are calling 2021 the year of the worker. “The great resignation” led to a shift in the balance of power between workers and their bosses; more than 100,000 people went on strike and over 550 new local unions were formed. Public pressure on policy makers to put the safety and welfare of working people over the profits of corporations is reaching new levels.

The staffing shortages we are facing right now can make us feel powerless in the moment. But reflecting on the millions of workers who raised their voices in solidarity this year and won victories, reminds us that together we are a powerful force- especially in this moment.

As we look ahead to 2022, let’s stay connected, united and continue to use our power through collective action to achieve our goals.