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NYSNA members across the state are standing up and fighting back in order to protect the safety of patients and frontline nurses during the COVID-19 crisis.

We are launching a series of special workshops to support members who are stepping up to advocate for their colleagues and collectively address the critical issues facing frontline nurses, including PPE, testing, staffing, safe workplaces, and fair treatment.

ZOOM Trainings Learn to handle common audio problems and how to be a participant (raise your hand, mute, use participant list, and chat

Political Action Team: Getting Started. NYSNA is a powerful force and a presence in New York State. We have more influence than ever before because we are recognized as trustworthy and are admired for taking risks for our patients. This gives us a huge opportunity to have a say in how we fix our healthcare system. We’ve spent years increasing our political capacity, expanding our voice.

COVID Action Team: Getting Started. Learn how NYSNA members are setting up COVID Action Teams to get resources and information to nurses on their unit and organize with staff and leaders around critical COVID-19 issues.

COVID Action Team: Basic Organizing Tools I and II. Learn tried and true organizing tools that bring members together, get them more involved, and build the union’s collective power to advocate for nurses and patients.

Basic Organizing I - How are other nurses organizing on the unit and facility level to protect themselves and patients during the Covid crisis? How to get information to your unit and get your co-workers more involved.

Basic Organizing II - PPE, testing, 14-day quarantines, staffing? So many issues to fight over. How do we chose our priorities? Attendance at Getting Started or Basic I recommended.

COVID Action Team: Social Media Training. With social distancing, time spent on social media has more than doubled, and social media is fast becoming the main source of news and information for people. Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay informed and to amplify your advocacy for nurses and the communities we care for. Already a big user of social media? Learn about NYSNA's latest social media campaigns, and get tips and tricks to up your game.

Please contact the NYSNA Labor Education Department for information about future trainings:

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