Nurses on the Frontlines of COVID-19
Challenging Disparities and Defending the Public’s Health

On October 20, NYSNA leaders from across the state will come together for our 2020 Convention, to examine the challenges facing our healthcare system and our union, share strategies for strengthening NYSNA, and chart our course forward in these challenging times. Like most organizations, due to the safety concerns of COVID-19 we’re forced to hold our Convention virtually.

Registration for our Virtual Business Meeting on October 20 is now closed, but you may still register for our core workshops using the link below. If you need to change your schedule for any reason, please contact NYSNA’s Meeting and Convention Planning department by phone at (212) 785-0157, ext. 277, or by e-mail: mcp@nysna.org.

New Link: Resolutions and Important Information for 2020 Virtual Convention Delegates

Core Educational Workshop Series

We are living through unprecedented times. COVID-19 has upended our lives, and thrown more than 3 million New Yorkers out of work. As nurses, we’ve been on the frontlines throughout this crisis, grappling with PPE shortages, fighting for sick time and workers’ compensation, and battling furloughs and unit closures. Our solidarity and professionalism saw New York through the first COVID-19 surge, and saved the lives of over 72,000 New Yorkers.

We’ve also seen firsthand just how deadly COVID-19 can be, and how chronic short-staffing, constant budget cuts, and a profit-driven healthcare system made the pandemic so much worse. We’ve also borne witness to the sharp racial disparities with COVID-19, and the urgent need to dismantle systemic racism in every sphere of daily life. We’ll go to the polls in November facing the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression.

Week of Sept. 14: “Understanding the Triple Crisis: What Does it Mean for Nurses?”

New York is in the grip of three, overlapping crises: the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic collapse rivaling the Great Depression, and persistent systemic racism. Join a detailed look at each of these crises and what they mean for our union and profession.

Week of Sept. 21: “In the Trenches: COVID-19 Trends, Transmissions, and Treatments”

Join us for an in-depth presentation about the way SARS-CoV-2 attacks the human body, how the virus is transmitted, and best practices for treating COVID-19 patients.

Week of Sept. 28: “Organizing to Defend our Standards and Our Practice in the COVID Era”

Employers across New York are using the COVID-19 crisis as a pretext for layoffs, unit closures, and violating our collective bargaining agreements. Join an in-depth discussion of the challenges nurses and healthcare professionals are facing in their facilities.

Week of Oct. 5: “Racial Justice: Foundation of a Strong Nurses Union”

This workshop examines the racial disparities impacting our patients and our communities, and how nurses and other healthcare workers are organizing in the workplace and beyond to combat racism and address the social determinants of health.

Week of Oct. 12: “Building Nurse Political Power in New York”

This program explores how building relationships with community allies and elected leaders can ensure nurses’ immediate concerns are addressed, and hedge against adverse changes to our practice environments.

Additional Workshops

To complement our five-part Core Educational series, NYSNA will also be hosting additional workshops this fall, in areas ranging from practice to health and safety to self-care. These workshops will offer continuing education credit, and you can view the full list of Workshops and Course Descriptions.

  • “Lessons from the Epicenter of COVID-19: Preparing for A Resurgence in New York”
  • “Addiction: An Occupational Hazard for Nurses”
  • “Strategies for Promoting Staff and Patient Safety in the Midst of a Mental Health Crisis”
  • “The Shameful History of Racism in Medicine”
  • “Identifying Appropriate Staffing Levels for Your Hospital: An RN-Driven Approach to Investigation and Advocacy”
  • “Medicare for All in the Age of COVID-19”
  • “Tax the Rich, Save New York’s Healthcare Funding”

Additonal Information and Materials

  • Official Call to Meeting | Download Call to Meeting/Proposed Bylaws Amendment (.pdf)
    2020 Business Meeting of the New York State Nurses Association
    Tracey Kavanagh, RN, NYSNA Secretary
    Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020
    This meeting will be held virtually and is open to all NYSNA members in good standing. To register, go to www.nysna.org/2020convention
  • 2020 Convention Workshop Materials
  • For NYSNA members who are able to take October 20 as a paid education day, we’ve prepared a registration form and full course description you can provide your employer.
  • After you’ve registered online, we’ll also send you a confirmation letter in case you need that additional documentation. In the meantime, we’ve sent official notification to employers and your NYSNA Rep will also be contacting you to make sure you can be with us on October 20. (Please note: if you are attempting to register at work, the hospital may block your access to this registration link. Please try again at home. If you continue to have any trouble registering, contact mcp@nysna.org and we will assist you.)
  • If you need to change your schedule for any reason, please contact ConventionHelp@nysna.org.

Zoom Tech Support

We will be using Zoom for all the educational sessions, and we strongly encourage you to use your computer or tablet in order to get the most out of each class. If you are unfamiliar with the technology, or wish to refresh your skills to make sure you get the most out of the sessions, please register for a training HERE.

Once you register for a class, please review these Zoom instructions. You will need to download Zoom, and test your video and audio settings, so please review the instructions in the days leading up to your workshop.

Finally, if you’ve attended a Zoom training and read the Zoom instructions, and you’re still stuck, e-mail ZoomHelp@nysna.org.