RUMC Feels the Heat




RUMC Nurses Enact NYSNA's Heat Protocol

Kudos to the awesome nurses at Richmond University Medical Center, who, in response to unsafe working conditions due to heat, initiated NYSNA's Extreme Heat Protocol. When the temperature began to rise, RUMC members, as part of a coordinated strategy began recording the temperatures in different rooms around the facility. 

Our protocol calls for members to engage in three steps: 1. document the problem with thermometers (one room was recorded at 79.2F), 2. meet with facility representatives, 3. escalate to a higher level. RUMC nurses did all three by using phones to document temperatures, notifying management of the issues, and escalating in our negotiations yesterday and to the public. 

So far, we've had small successes, says Marge Milne-Larson:  "We got an air conditioner!" But our campaign will continue until all nurses and patients are in an environment that provides for the best patient care.

And we aren't prepared to let up.

Next week, on July 25th, we will be picketing at RUMC from noon to 2:00 P.M. Join us!


The wins keep coming!

Congratulations to the nurses at Flushing Hospital, who just ratified by 99% another great contact that includes increases to staffing across most units, new retiree health, wage AND equity Increases with Full Retro to close the NYC wage gap, and much more!


ICYMI: Wycoff Heights

We wanted to also celebrate the great contract win last week at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. These nurses just ratified by 99% a new four year contract that builds upon the pattern set by several other NYC hospitals this year. Their agreement creates ratios and staffing levels in several units.

Read all about it here.


Maimonides Nurses Ratify Historic Contract 

Congratulations to the proud NYSNA members of Maimonides Hospital, who just ratified a new contract by 99% Throughout months of negotiations, Maimonides nurses maintained their unity and achieved a historic deal for their patients. Highlights of the deal include 75 newly budgeted FTEs for increased staffing, improvements to staffing ratios for any unit, binding third party resolution of staffing disputes, minimum wage increases of 12% (with retro) over four years, and retiree health benefits.


Flushing Picket

Last week, we pulled out all stops at Flushing Hospital in Queens. The streets echoed with chants of: "Every patient is a VIP," while we picketed the hospital demanding that they settle a contract that addresses staffing. Additionally, we want management to address key issues, so that we can retain staff, such as fixing the pay disparity that has Flushing Hospital nurses below most NYC hospitals. To read more about our incredible day, download this flyer.


WYCOFF Strike Vote Scheduled

After seven months of bargaining, Wyckoff still isn't taking our demands for a fair contract seriously. So far, management still hasn't made a comprehensive staffing proposal, still hasn’t offered enough on retiree health insurance to retire with dignity, and their wage offer is not keeping up with other NYC NYSNA hospitals. The is why we are taking a strike authorization vote. The NYSNA Wyckoff Negotiating Committee unanimously and strongly recommends a "YES" vote. We need a strike vote to show management we are not backing down and we are ready to do whatever it takes to to win a strong contract that protects patient care. 

Our main goals remain the same for bargaining, and we need an overwhelming strike vote to achieve them!

  • Safe Staffing and Ratios on All Units

  • Limits on Floating

  • Employer-Paid Retiree Health Insurance

  • Fair Wage Increases

  • Much More!


Attention Flushing Hospital: Informational Picket on May 29th 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Attenance is Mandatory! 

May 10, 2019

Hundreds of Maimonides Medical Center nurses poured onto the street in front of their hospital joined by NYSNA nurses and staff and 1199 members from across the city. “Takeaway, No Way!” resonated on the line. Nurses are demanding a fair contract that protects patients’ lives and includes safe staffing ratios. NYSNA Board Member and Maimonides RN Nancy Hagans said, “We’re fed up with lack of respect.” Debre Blakely, OR nurse, agreed: “We are not fully staffed in the OR. We don’t get feedback. We don’t feel respect.” Every patient is a VIP!! Megan Ring, RN, who works L&D, said they are “short staffed every shift. Volume is high and we are stretched very thin.” 

May 2, 2019


Agreement Calls for the Hiring of 1,500 New Nurses 

Registered Nurse Staffing Will be Based on Staffing Ratios Included in Collective Bargaining Agreements And Enforced By Independent, Neutral Party

 Tentative Agreement Affects More Than 10,000 Nurses


New York, NY – Members of the New York State Nurses Association announce today the ratification of a four-year agreement with Mount Sinai, Montefiore and New York-Presbyterian hospitals systems. 

The contract was ratified by a large majority and expires on December 31, 2022.

The agreement includes staffing ratio language calling for the initial hiring of 1,500 new nurses. The initial hires will include nurses to fill current vacancies, and will also include an additional $100 million dollars to hire nurses for newly added full-time positions. Registered nurse staffing will be based on safe staffing ratios that will be included in the collective bargaining agreements and enforced by an independent neutral party.

The contract also includes across the board wage increases of 3% in each year of the contract and full retro-pay. For all facilities, the contract calls for millions of dollars for retiree health benefits, tuition reimbursement as well as other monetary benefits. The contract strengthens worker protections including new guidelines to stop workplace violence, a process to improve safe patient handling, and language allowing nurses to aid victims of disasters inside or outside the United States.

 "Everyone in these negotiations recognized that there are not enough nurses to safely care for our patients. With this contract, we've come a long way to resolving the critical under-staffing at the three hospital systems. That's been our priority throughout. 'Safe staffing saves lives' is our reality and with this contract we have made tremendous gains that will help us provide safe, quality care to our patients," said Anthony Ciampa, RN, NYSNA First Vice President and President, New York-Presbyterian Executive Committee.

"We have made significant strides based on these contracts: Front line Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetists, Case Managers, and Midwives will now have effective input in establishing nurse-to-patient grids that will ensure that our #1 priority, safe staffing, will be achieved. Most importantly, for the first time ever, we now have transparent, enforcement mechanisms that hold all parties accountable in achieving this goal. The combination of staffing-grids, enforceability, and transparency is the winning trifecta for both our patients and our nurses,"  said Robin Krinsky, RN, NYSNA Board Member and President, Mt. Sinai Hospital Executive Committee.

"It was the unity and determination of frontline nurses who fought hard to improve conditions for nurses and additional staffing for patients.  Our commitment to our patients was the driving force behind this contract," said Bernita Stewart, RN and Member, Montefiore Medical Center Executive Committee.

April 12, 2019

Click here for a summary of the global tentative agreement. 

April 9, 2019


Early this morning a tentative agreement (TA) was reached with the formerly "Alliance" New York City hospitals of Mount Sinai, Mount Sinai West, St. Luke's, New York Presbyterian, and Montefiore. 

The TA includes a $100 million commitment for additional staffing, allowing for hundreds of additional nurses to be hired in these hospitals.
A detailed summary will follow, but highlights of the TA include:

Enforceable Staffing Ratios: We have finally achieved the goal of having staffing ratios spelled out in the contract with a meaningful enforcement mechanism. This sets a standard not just for New York, but for the nation.
Four Year Agreement: Our agreement ensures staffing, security, and strength for the next four years, expiring Dec. 31, 2022.
Industry Leading Wage Increases: With minimum wage increases of three percent (3%) in each year of the contract including retro, we have secured industry leading wages for our profession.
Retiree Health Benefits: For all facilities, we were able to achieve benefits, allowing members to maintain health benefits after early retirement (subject to key conditions).

Several other agreements were reached on priority issues at the local bargaining tables. This agreement was only achieved through the unity of thousands of nurses, exercising our power to win for our patients, our communities, and ourselves. 

This agreement is subject to ratification. Stay tuned for the official ratification vote schedule at all hospitals. Please feel free to print out this leaflet to distribute. 

March 22, 2019

We have a starting point in negotiations


Today, with a new NYC based neutral mediator brought in emergently, management made an opening proposal on staffing. Thanks to you, our unity and strength forced management to make the following opening proposal with a proviso that we postpone our strike notice to give them more time. They chose not to fund the replacement staffing agencies and instead committed to putting that money toward additional staffing that will be reflected in our contract.

INCREDIBLE EVIDENCE OF MEMBER POWER. We remain committed to communicating your strength and priorities.


March 19, 2019


NYSNA RNs at Mount Sinai, Montefiore and New York Presbyterian Hospital Systems  announced an April 2nd strike date and the offical '10-day' notice of intent to strike has been delivered. 

Hospitals refuse to hire enough bedside caregivers forcing nurses to care for up to 19 patients at once. When this happens, our patients suffer. 

We are patient advocates and we are raising a red flag. 

We do NOT want to strike, but are determined to make changes that will guarantee SAFE STAFFING to take care of our patients. 

Safe staffing saves lives. This is a matter of life or death.

Nurses refuse to be silent despite the hospital systems' attempts to stop us from expressing our views and their failure to provide us basic staffing information. 

More than 97 percent of nurses across the three hospital systems voted earlier this month to authorize a strike. 

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 Letters of Support:


 March 7, 2019 

Registered nurses overwhelmingly vote to authorize a strike affecting more than 10,000 registered nurses in New York City at three hospital systems: Mt. Sinai, Presbyterian and Montefiore.

Last month, reports were released documenting approximately 3,800 “Protests of Assignment” signed by over 20,000 nurses in 2018 alone from the three hospital systems. The reports detailed conditions inside the facilities and showed there aren’t enough nurses to give patients the care they need and deserve. Additional news reports clearly highlighted disturbing conditions, including patients left on stretchers in hallways for days at a time with no privacy because of a lack of staff and space.

Hospital management has not addressed any of these issues. Instead, management has denied us the information we need to fight for the nurses and patients at the bargaining table, refused to bargain over key issues, and attempted to silence nurses who are advocating for their patients. 

We do not want to strike, but we are saying enough is enough because we need to fight for our patients when no one else will. An official 10-day notice of intent to strike is expected this month. Below are just a few of the thousands of stories from the reports: 

  • Health & Safety; Insufficient # of Staff & High Acuity:  Pediatric ED understaffed such that there is more than a 3.5 to 6 hour wait time to see a provider, more than 20 patients holding in triage area, no RN screener, patients pulling out IV and multiple attempts to bite, kick, scratch, and punch staff. Census 68, only 6 RNs.
  • High Patient Acuity, Insufficient # Qualified Staff, Violation of Staffing Ratios: On NICU, we have 2 orientee RNs, and 2 CPAP baby, 4 CPAP babies with IV and ABTs, 3 babies with IV antibiotic and glucose checks every 3 hours. Our bed capacity is 35 and we are over with a census of 44. Only 3 RNs on duty. Parents need personal attention/education.
  • Insufficient # of Staff, High Acuity:  Unit census was 21 at start of shift with 2 admissions to be received. Now census is 26 with an additional 2 patients en route. A total of 11 admissions will be received on this shift. No CNAs on floor. 1 ventilated patient, 2 with trach, 1 on restraints, 3 isolations, multiple incontinent patients, 3 pressure ulcers, 1 blood transfusion, all call bells ringing but nurses are busy with admissions, over 20 patients on fall risk.
  • Health and Safety: Insufficient space, hallway patients, patients stacked in rows, unable to access patients in a timely manner, temp in ED 76 degrees on west side, air conditioning not working on East side and area is very hot and uncomfortable, inadequate ventilation, unable to comply with appropriate infection control. Patients waiting days to get a bed and aggressive to staff. 

Nurse are also proudly joining the chorus of healthcare workers, public health officials, and others calling for a stop to budget cuts to critical healthcare needs, including Medicaid and other funding for people in need.

To support nurses in this struggle, and for the most up to date information, call: 844-82-NYSNA.



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Fox 5 can be viewed here

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  • After thousands of POAs
  • After hundreds of nurses testifying about our staffing concerns
  • After dozens of negotiating sessions
  • After giant informational pickets at hospitals all across the city


 The votes are in. Registered nurses atNewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Montefiore, Mt. Sinai, Mt. Sinai West, and St. Luke’s have voted by 97% to authorize a strike. The final combined tally is 8533 “yes” to 230 “no.” 

Management must come together now to settle a contract that protects patient care.#RNStrikeReady #SafeStaffingNow



It's impossible to capture in a single post the extraordinary impact of what New York nurses were able to pull off. We picketed thirteen hospital sites from Bronx to Brooklyn, representing 13,000 registered nurses. Our message was clear: management needs to bargain in good faith to provide our community with the care our patients deserve.


Special thanks to our labor, community, and elected leaders who came out in solidarity, including: New York State AFL-CIONew York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO several locals of CWA District 1Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU)Hotel Trades CouncilDistrict Council 1707, AFSCME1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers EastNew York TeamstersNew York Professional Nurses UnionAmalgamated Transit Union (ATU)OPEIU - Office and Professional Employees International UnionGABRIELA USANorthwest Bronx Community & Clergy CoalitionKarines ReyesJumaane D. WilliamsBrian BarnwellAssemblymember Mathylde FrontusLaurie CumboRory LancmanAssemblyman Jeffrey DinowitzAssemblywoman Maritza DavilaMichael BlakeAssemblywoman Nathalia FernandezThomas P. DiNapoliCouncil Member Andrew CohenCouncil Member Francisco MoyaEric AdamsKirsten John Foy  and several others that we inadvertently must have missed. Without our allies, this isn't possible.

Take a look though our photo album and appreciate all these bright, beautiful faces!

We received coverage from virtually every local news outlet throughout the five boroughs. Check out a sample of the stories below. 

Press Coverage:

CBS: Nurses across NYC Protest Reported Poor Working Conditions 

Fox 5 New York: Nurses across NYC push for mandated staffing law 

El Diario: Nurses protest in claim of better working conditions

News 12 Bronx: Thousands of nurses protest hospital conditions

Spectrum News: Why Thousands of NYC Nurses are Picketing Wednesday

Watch TV Coverage from Good Day New York, News 12 Brooklyn, Pix 11, WMBC, Spectrum NY1, and Listen to Radio Coverage from 1010 WINS

 Bargaining Resources

The linked document was presented to all Alliance Hospitals, although similar common demands are being presented at all NYC hospitals in negotiations. 

What does RESPECT mean to these nurses? 

Read the latest Update HERE! 

Watch how NYSNA's Montefiore Bargaining Committee prepares to make contract presentations to management. We are placing patients first. 

Watch and learn about NYP bargaining efforts from nurses and organizers. 

Watch members from Mt. Sinai Hospital negotiate for a better contract.

Further updates by facility and date:

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Sign the pledge to join an informational picket on February 13th outside of your facility! 

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